Young talent Tom van den Bogaard from Aarle-Rixtel, Netherlands is part of the 040 BMX Park team and ripping up some spots in and very close to Eindhoven, and 040 BMX Park of course! Nice one Tom!

Vanaf nu zijn de 040 BMX Park Backwheel t-shirts te koop voor € 15,00 in de maten XS, S, M, L en XL. Zorg dat je er snel bij bent als je er een wil kopen!

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Als je zelf geen BMX fiets, step of helm hebt, is het mogelijk deze materialen te huren. Voor € 5,00 per dag kan je een BMX fiets of step huren en een helm voor € 2,00 per dag. Vergeet niet om een ID-kaart, paspoort of rijbewijs mee te nemen als borg!

Before we officially opened the 040 BMX Park on the 27th of January 2012 we had some temporary ramps in the same hall as we’re currently located. The ramps included a resi ramp but at the time we didn't have the right material for it. During the summerstop we found suitable material to use for the resi and decided to build it straight away.

As our space is limited we decided to build the resi on the place where the little box with slanted wall was located.

The run up for the resi is almost identical as the run up for the boxjump so it will be easy to pull the trick on the boxjump after pulling it on the resi. The lip of the foampit, resi and boxjump are all the same to make things as easy as possible to pull your new tricks.

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